A farewell message...

After a long period of consideration and discussions with regular contributors I have decided to bring Andy's Bus Blog to a close, the reason behind the decision is purely down to the fact I have somewhat lost interest in blogging in recent months, it's been almost almost five years since this project started and it feels like the right time to move on and pursue other hobbies and interests.

My time blogging has been a wonderful experience and many good friends and acquaintances alike have been made along the way, I will still maintain a keen interest in the local bus scene and transport industry in general and look forward to continuing to be part of the wider enthusiast community, the blog will remain online as an archive into the future and I plan to carry on using the blog's Flickr and Twitter pages so you can continue to keep in touch via those channels if you wish.

In the meantime I would like to thank all of you - the fantastic readers, correspondents and supporters of Andy's Bus Blog past and present for your continuous support over the years, it really wouldn't have been possible without you!